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  • 2-6 players
  • 60-120 minutes
  • age 10 and up

This game is in English language.

Dorn is a fantasy tactical board game. One of the players is the Dorn Keeper, who each turn spawns new monsters. Other players represent five heroes, who need to battle the monsters, collect three ancient artifacts and finally defeat the Dorn Keeper in order to save their city.

The game uses no dice in combat, which greatly simplifies the rules and adds a strategic dimension to the epic quest. Each hero automatically kills a weak monster and wounds a strong one. Simultaneous attack of more than one monster is needed to wound a hero.

Upon this simple basis, there is a rich variety of options and features in the game. Players can choose from 9 heroes each of whom have different special abilities and can advance in levels. Each hero receives a random special Blessing at the beginning of the game which he can use once in the game. Heroes find various treasure items on the way which help them in their quest.

It is very exciting to play The Dornkeeper, as he has four types of weak monsters and four types of strong monster at his disposal, each with a different skill. He too can advance on levels by collecting the Drops of Blood from wounded heroes. At the beginning, he randomly draws cards of special dark spells that he can use to harass the heroes at crucial moment in the game.

Each game of Dorn is thus very different, depending on chosen heroes, their Blessings and items they find throughout the game. To add to this, some passages are randomly blocked each game. There are six artifacts on the game board, and the heroes can choose which three of them they will pick up.

The game strategies vary widely and as there is constant need to react to opponentís moves, no ultimate winning pattern exists. Some games are very dramatic with combat action almost every turn, other games are more cautious as both sides build up their resources for the final battle.

In each game a different epic story develops - there are daring escapes from desperate situations, bold attacks where some heroes risk their lives in order to save others, sudden reversals of fortune thanks to effectively used items, etc. The game is well balanced, and statistically each side wins about half of the games, depending on the game play.

Last but not least, great graphics adds to the sense of adventure.

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